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    Welcome to BSMS

    The Blood Stocks Management Scheme was established in 2001 to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain. Hospitals and Blood Services from the UK and Republic of Ireland are currently participating in the scheme.

    Central to our work is VANESA, a data management system, where hospital and blood service data is collected. In return participants can view real time data and charts.

    Annual Roadshows: "Out of Sight, Out of Control"

    This year's BSMS roadshows proved extremely popular and we were at full capacity at all three venues. The presentations received very good feedback, from the SHOT "Handling and Storage Errors" which cover 'OTCOL' problems, the Air Ambulance presentation which reflected lessons from the military; when staff are trained with military precision you can reduce your OTCOL to almost nothing, to the transfusion laboratory managers reports on their practices (including the much coveted Cold Chain officers) to the update on the latest developments from JPAC on the "30 minute rule".

    The workshops were a bit of a marmite thing; you either loved them or hated them! After the two introductory TED talks, people liked the informal way the process design could develop using post-it notes as anchor points or their inner ‘Van Gogh’ stayed hidden and they preferred a more verbal or written debate. It was good to try something different anyway! Thank you all for participating, it's great to hear what everyone else does and it is such an integral part of our education days.

    All of the presentations have now been uploaded, please follow this link.
    Latest Publications
    11 February 2015
    BSMS Report 2012-2014

    The latest report from the Blood Stocks Management Scheme is available here. The new look report compares blood service and hospital stocks and wastage across the four UK countries and Ireland. Recommendations are made to improve the supply chain.
    Re-registration Exercise 2015

    BSMS does need to undertake a re-registration exercise shortly to ensure your hospital's details are still correct. This will ensure you can benchmark your "Frozen" practices with hospitals of similar specialities.

    What's New?

    VANESA 4 has arrived!

    VANESA 4 will be launching 14th August 2015. A copy of the training manual and quick start guide can be found here.

    The new version will also include Frozen products. For further information click here.

    Supported by the UK Blood Services